Stethoscope and Money

As a physician, YOU are spending hours of your valuable time processing claims, handling collections and billing issues, dealing with insurance carriers, and managing staff. Consider outsourcing to a company with 10 years in the business and a proven track record for increasing physician revenue and decreasing the time of payment.

Our Guarantee

21 DAYS!


I am happy to recommend T & T Consulting as an honest, thorough, quick, tenacious, and knowledgeable company. Equally important to me as a private practitioner is the knowledge that my business is your business and that we are a team. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and results. This business would not be such a success without you.

Mary Louise Hymen, OTR/L Arizona at Work

Improve your score when it comes to medical billing reimbursements!

Save money…from printer ink to CMS 1500 forms, patient statement forms and costly program updates.

Consulting services that exceed your standards – medical billing, office systems and bookkeeping.

Our staff is your staff, our office is your office! Avoid paying for additional employees, reduce training & health costs and retain room for patients.

Results due to increased reimbursements and increased revenue.

Expeditious service with billings occurring within two days of pickup.

Having your own practice offers freedom from countless hospital rules and regulations, and the thought of being able to free others from pain and suffering…This is why you became a doctor and have your own successful practice.

Focus on what you do best, and let T & T Consulting handle the rest!